Fruit Tea-Inspired Drinks!

Tisane Tea

Tisane, aka fruit tea, can be enjoyed both hot in colder months and iced in warmer months. A light, refreshing glass of iced tea makes for a perfect compliment to a warm summer day. Keep reading to see some of our favorite recipies and brewing guide.

We have some fun recipe ideas with a new twist to sip on in the warm afternoons while you’re still pretending to be on vacation. Sweet tea, Arnold Palmers, and Lemonade have been a long-standing American tradition of warm afternoons. Fruit teas fills that craving for cold refreshing tea without the sugar. Here is an easy and fast way we recommend using a TEAZE. Just following the directions listed for hand steeped tea below using the brewing method for an easy guide to make refreshing Passport Tea.

Brewing Teas- Hand Steeped
1. Add the tea ( use tea guide below) to the Teaze Infuser by lifting the lid and pouring the tea into the open container. 

2. Add hot water (see recommended temperature) and pour into the top of the Infuser.

3. Start your timer (see tea guide) as soon as the water touches the tea and you close the lid on the Teaze Infuser.

4. Simply lift the Teaze Infuser and place it on top of the cup. Tea will dispense from the bottom of the Teaze Infuser. There is no pouring involved.  

5. Clean your Teaze Infuser by popping out the filter at the bottom. Rinse and wash the inside, or place it in a dishwasher.

Peach Arnold Palmer ( 16-20 oz glass)

  • 5 fluid oz. of lemonade
  • 5 fluid oz. brewed Passport Strawberry Peach Fruit tea
  • ice

1. Prep the iced tea using our the hand steeped method.
2. Prep the lemonade. Any lemonade of your choosing will work, but Country Time is always a safe bet.
3. Combine ice, brewed tea, and lemonade, stir, and enjoy.

Citrus Mango Mint ( 16-20 oz glass)

  • 8 oz of brewed Passport Lemon Mango Fruit  ( see recommendations below)                                                             
  • Mint leaves
  • 1/4 cup of orange juice
  • lemon juice
  • Lemon and orange slices (for garnish)
  • Optional sweetener (we recommend stevia or honey)
  • Ice

1. Prep the iced tea using our the hand steeped method, steeping tea with mint leaves.  We recommend our Lemongrass Mint for a bright citrus taste. You can also use Cactus Blossom or Desert Fruit Tea. Almost all fruit-based tisane teas pair well with mint.
3. Add brewed tea, then stir in the orange juice and lemon juice.
4. Serve over ice cubes, and garnish with fresh orange and lemon slices. 
Optional: sweeten to taste.
Try experimenting with different flavors, and let us know what you think!

Fruit Tea Soda ( 16-20 oz glass)

  • 8 oz Kiwi Strawberry Fruit Tea                                                                             
  • Mint leaves
  • 4 oz of sparkling water
  • Ice

1. Prep the iced tea using our the hand steeped method, steeping the tea with the mint leaves
2. While still hot, mix in honey; 1 tsp, or to taste.
3. Serve over ice.

Try Fresh Tisane Tea Today

Check out our selection of freshly made handcrafted fruit teas. We produce and package them daily.

TypeDescriptionamount of teaWater TempSteep time
White Tea  White Cherry – White and green tea, jasmine pearl, cherryhot 3 tsp / iced – 5 tsp180°F3 min
Green Tea  Walnut Green- Sencha, candied pineapple, 2 tsp / iced – 5 tsp175-180°F3 min
 Sencha with pedals – Sencha , rose 2 tsp / iced – 5 tsp175-180°F3 min
 Kiwi Strawberry Green – Sencha, hibiscus, strawberry, kiwihot 2 tsp / iced – 5 tsp175-180°F3 min
 Citrus Blossom Green – Sencha, orange, strawberry, sunflower 2 tsp / iced – 5 tsp175-180°F3 min
 Black Berry Goji – Sencha, blackberry, jasmine, goji berrieshot 2 tsp / iced – 5 tsp175-180°F3 min
Black/GreenBlack Cherry – Black and green tea, hibiscus, apple, cherrieshot 2 tsp / iced – 4 tsp205-212F4 min
Black TeaEnglish Breakfast- Keemun tea  hot 2 tsp / iced – 4 tsp205-212F3 min
 Cinnamon Apple- Black tea, apple, cinnamon stickhot 2 tsp / iced – 4 tsp205-212F3 min
 Fresh Peach- Black tea, peach, apple, raisinhot 2 tsp / iced – 4 tsp205-212F3 min
 Tropical- Black tea, papaya, pineapplehot 2 tsp / iced – 4 tsp205-212F3 min
Herbal, TisaneRelaxing Tea- Chamomile and pepperminthot 3 tsp / iced – 6 tsp205-212F5 min
 Cinnamon Orange Rooibus- Rooibos, cinnamon, orange, clovehot 3 tsp / iced – 6 tsp205-212F5 min
 Wellness Blend- apple, ginger, chamomile, cloves, rooiboshot 3 tsp / iced – 6 tsp205-212F5 min
 Cactus Blossom- apple, hibiscus, orange, prickly pearhot 3 tsp / iced – 6 tsp205-212F5 min
 Desert Fruit- Elderberry, raspberry, orange, hibiscushot 3 tsp / iced – 6 tsp205-212F5 min

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