Quick Tea Brewing Guide

The Definitive Brewing Guide: Loose Leaf Tea

Brewing the best fresh cup of loose leaf tea is a tradition. We have the definitive guide to help you recreate your favorite tea at home, all you need to start is 10 oz. of fresh cold water:

 Tea TypeAmountTemp.Time
White Tea2 tsp.170-180 F3-5 min.
Green Tea1-2 tsp.170-180 F2-3 min.
Oolong Tea1 tsp.185-195 F3-5 min.
Darjeeling Tea1 tsp.200-212 F2-4 min.
Black Tea1 tsp.200- 212 F3-5 min.
Herbal/Fruit Tea2 tsp.212 F5-7 min.
Rooibus1 tsp.212 F5 min.

To make iced tea, just double the amount of tea using the chart above and follow the brewing guidelines. Pour the hot tea over ice, and add more ice if needed.

In the spirit of our current green tea promotion, we have a few suggestions: Citrus Blossom and Kiwi Strawberry Green make wonderful iced tea; Walnut Green or Japanese Genmaicha is great as a hot drink.

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