Fall Coffee Harvest

Harvesting season around the world…

Fall has finally arrived! Though we are still waiting for cooler weather here in Arizona, several coffee exporting countries are now experiencing the perfect temperatures for coffee growing.tart formatting.

Coffee is just like any other crop. During certain months, the fruit is ripe and promises the most flavor. Other times, it is either in the process of maturing, or has exceeded peak ripeness and loses flavor. Harvest season takes place once to twice a year, when the plant has reached full maturity.

Similar to fruits and vegetables, some coffees are only available for purchase for a few months out of the year. Coffee beans lose their flavor and freshness after a certain amount of time. We prioritize purchasing beans when they are in-season, and make sure to roast promptly to ensure optimum quality. 

“We prioritize purchasing beans when they are in-season, and make sure to roast promptly to ensure optimum quality “

-Passport Coffee & Tea

Coffee Growing and Processing

Coffee grown south of the equator is grown in winter and arrives in the U.S. in late spring and early summer. Coffee grown south of the equator grows in the summer and arrives in late fall and early winter.

All coffee that comes to the U.S. goes through the same process. It looks like this:

  • coffee plants self-pollinate
  • coffee cherries reach peak ripeness
  • the cherries are harvested
  • the beans are processed and exported
  • the coffee beans arrive in the U.S.

Changes in the Harvest

Each harvest season is different, which adds to the unique experience of drinking coffee. Multiple factors influence the harvest and well as the time it takes to export.

The following factors have the biggest influence on the beans:

  • the farm or cooperative growing the coffee
  • the available infrastructure in the country
  • the volume harvested that year
  • environmental factors
  • civil or political unrest

Many unpredictable events can occur at any time. For example, a few years ago a fertile coffee growing region in Guatemala was devastated by a volcanic eruption. This destroyed the crop that year, but may have an effect on the soil that will affect the coffee in a new way for many years to come.

Harvest Times

Harvesting and Processing Times for Coffee Farms Around the World

This chart shows all the harvesting and processing months for each country exporting coffee. In fall, harvesting and processing takes place in Brazil, Peru, Hawaii, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Kenya, Tanzania, and Sumatra.

Keep an eye out for these coffees to enjoy during the fall season!

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