Summertime Highlights

Try a new coffee or tea.

Enjoy a discount on these coffees and teas this month!

As spring transitions into summer, it is a great time to try a new coffee or tea for iced drinks. Or hot drinks (we don’t judge!). Whatever your preference, we’ve included descriptions of 3 coffees and teas that we personally recommend for summer.

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We also have included a brand new coffee! For the first time, we are offering Rwandan coffee beans! Keep reading to learn more about this unique and flavorful coffee. 

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Judy’s Blend

Still drinking hot coffee to start you morning? This rich coffee is a great blend to start the day.

We’ve already celebrated mother’s day, but it’s never too late to surprise mom with a delicious full-bodied blend! It was developed by founder (and mother of co-owners TJ, Tres, Ann, and David) Judy Brecheisen. She still enjoys this coffee daily!

An equal blend of medium Organic Sumatra, dark Italian Roast, and light Ethiopian beans offer variety to this roast’s profile. A combination of chocolate, mild spice, and citrus elements are brought out in this complex blend. 

Judy’s Blend

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Rwanda Intango- Natural

Rwandan coffee is known to be smooth and full-bodied, with distinct blueberry notes. This is the first time Passport Coffee and Tea is selling this unique coffee. 

 The natural process  involves meticulous cherry selection and hand sorting prior to drying. Drying is done on raised African beds for between 14 and 28 days, depending on the weather, and the coffee is turned regularly. 

If you prefer the bright and fruit-forward African beans, you will love this coffee!

Rwanda Intango- Natural

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Northern Italian Espresso

Be transported to an Italian summertime villa with this outstanding espresso blend! This balanced , smooth, lighter espresso blend is perfect for summer.

If you read our last post about maintaining your espresso machine, you know that this is the best blend to avoid buildup in your machine. 

This espresso is mild-bodied, smooth, creamy, with bright acidity and notes of caramel, vanilla, and honey.

Northern Italian Espresso

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Hawaiian Flower Herbal Tea

If you aren’t planning a Hawaiian vacation this summer, this tea might be the next best thing! We highly recommend this blend for iced tea that you can drink throughout the day. It is made of a blend of dried hibiscus flower petals and dried fruits. This is a naturally sweet and caffeine-free tisane, sure to be a hit at any pool party, brunch, or picnic!

Hawaiian Flower Herbal Tea

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Mango Tango Green Tea

Mango and sencha are a wonderful summer combination. The sweetness of the mango rounds out the slight bitterness of the green tea, resulting in a smooth and flavorful blend! Not only is Mango Tango one of our best-selling green teas, it also is a staff favorite. This tea makes some of the best Arnold Palmers, and is great for preparing in large batches to enjoy throughout the day.

Mango Tango Green

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Fresh Peach Black Tea

Traditional black tea leaves, rose petals, dried apple pieces, and peach flavoring may remind you of a peach orchard during harvest season. This blend is a top-selling black tea for a reason! The fruit-forward flavor is sure to brighten up your day, mix well with lemonade and citrus fruits, and even be used to make a classic Southern-style sweet tea! All natural flavors and no added sugar make this an even more enjoyable summertime beverage.

Fresh Peach Black Tea

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