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Welcome the summer heat with iced coffees and teas!

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Even in the heat of summer, we like to sip on our iced coffee and tea drinks. The temperature can certainly be seen rising around here, but that hasn’t stopped our caffeine consumption! To survive the summer heat, we have a few tricks up our sleeve: keep reading to peep a few of our time-tested iced and frozen tea and coffee recipes!

Any coffee or tea can be cold brewed, and enjoyed over ice. Check out our recommended brewing guide on our post about cold brewing your own coffee

Want to learn about the most popular summer brewing method? Check out our other posts about cold brewing coffee or tea.

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This summer is all about delicious iced coffee and tea! “Cold brew has never been hotter.” according to the National Coffee association.

These two coffees are some of our top sellers for a reason. We’ve chosen a special single origin bean as well as a blend exclusive to Passport. Many of our customers regularly purchase these coffees, and will hopefully enjoy the discount for the month!

Organic El Salvador

Our organic, single-origin beans are sourced form trusted farms that have been in the business for generations. This is a unique coffee because of the flavor profile and the high standard of processing it undergoes before it is delivered to our roaster.

This El Salvador from the El Borbollon coffee mill is sweet, clean, with notes almond, chocolate, and honey notes. A medium level of acidity provides the perfect amount of brightness to the cup!

Cold Brew Blend

This blend was originally developed to create our signature cold brew concentrate. We wanted to make something rich in flavor, smooth, and without the bite of traditional store-bought cold brew. It was so good, in fact that we decided to put it on our shelves for anyone to brew at home!

*Also available in decaf

Cold Brew Blend

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Flavorful, fruity teas are the most popular for this time of year. However, any tea can be made iced! Iced tea not your thing? Don’t let it stop you from trying some of these fun flavors- these are just as good when made hot too!

Watermelon Black Tea

Watermelon is a classic summer staple, and pairs perfectly with black tea. This tea honestly tastes like it was mixed with real watermelon juice- no extra flavors or sweeteners!

Watermelon Black

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Tropical Black Iced Tea

This classic blend is one that has made Passport a known name in the restaurant and tea business in AZ. We start with a traditional black tea, then integrate passionfruit, berries, and other natural flavors to make this smooth and slightly sweet iced tea. 

Tropical Black Iced Tea

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Fresh Peach Black

Peach season is here! Fresh peach, black tea, and a slight floral element make up this delicious combination. Made hot or iced, you can enjoy all of the flavor of fresh juicy peaches.

Fresh Peach Black

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Orange Dream Black

The vanilla and orange creamsicle inspired this delicious tea. This can be made hot or iced, and even into a “dreamsicle” of your own (recipe coming up)!

Orange Dream Black

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Watermelon Mimosa
  • Watermelon Black Tea
  • Champagne

Step 1: Cold brew Watermelon Iced Tea overnight.

Step 2: Mix 50:50 with champagne, and store in a pitcher in the fridge to chill.

Step 3: Serve cold.

Espresso Root beer Float
  • 1-2 shots of espresso
  • 2 pumps of Root Beer Torani Syrup
  • 2 cups carbonated water
  • Vanilla Iced Cream

Step 1: Mix carbonated water and Torani syrup.

Step 2: Pour over iced cream in a glass.

Step 3: Brew espresso, and pour over the top.

Optional: add toppings like whipped cream, sauces, or sprinkles

Step 4: Enjoy!

  • any Passport tea
  • Popsicle freezer molds
  • Chopped fruit of choice

Step 1: Brew tea concentrate. You can brew normally, but concentrated tea has the best flavor after it is frozen!

Step 2: Chop up fruit, then add both the fruit and the tea to the popsicle molds.

Step 3: Freeze overnight.

Step 4: Serve with drizzled honey, white chocolate sauce, or as-is.

Honey, Don’t You Love Me?
  • 1/2 pump Monin White Chocolate sauce
  • 1/2 pump Monin Caramel sauce
  • splash of Monin Honey syrup
  • 1-2 shots of espresso
  • milk or milk substitute

Step 1: Brew the espresso in a separate shot glass.

Step 2: Add the sauces and syrups directly to the espresso, and stir.

Step 3: Fill a full sized glass with ice and milk of choice.

Step 4: Pour the espresso mixture over the milk, and enjoy!

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